Safety is Our #1

In real estate there are generally three critical keys to success:

Location. Location. Location.

At Team Construction, the three critical keys to success are:

Safety. Safety. Safety.

It’s an attitude that starts with our owner and president, Donnie Mingus; an attitude that permeates the mindset of every Team employee. It’s a responsibility shared by all. And what we preach, we put into practice. Before the first ditch is dug and before the first pipe is laid, we’ve laid the groundwork for a safe, secure environment.

Team is fully OSHA compliant.

  • Team has a comprehensive safety manual – in English and in Spanish – provided to and reviewed with every employee.
  • Team has two safety directors whose job is to enforce the safety manual.
  • While OSHA requires just one competent individual on all jobsites at all times, Team always has two competent individuals with each crew on every job site.

And that is just the beginning of our commitment to safety. Before any new employee ever steps foot on the job site, Team provides online and hands on training from our OQ director, Steve Shelby. He also works with our experienced employees as well, who want further their certifications in the natural gas industry. This routine training guarantees our employees are constantly up to date on the safest procedures when working in the field. Furthermore, impromptu visits by the Team safety directors, Matt Mingus and Dave Doggette, ensure our crews meet or exceed OSHA safety standards while working on the jobs. Every employee is accountable for safety – and rewarded – through our Safety Contest.

So how is Team Construction doing? What does our safety record look like? There are many statistics to cite, but here is the most important one:

And that’s our number one goal, each and every day.

Yes, the work is important. Yes, the service can be urgent. But nothing gets done without always protecting Team’s most valuable resources – our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we work.