Donnie Mingus

  • President & Owner
  • Started June 2003
  • With over two decades of experience and leadership in the gas and water industries, Donnie understands that doing the work when you say you’re going to do it – and doing it the right way – is the only way to do business.  When asked about his role at Team Construction, Donnie pointed outside the building and said, without hesitation, “Those are the guys that run the company.” Outside of running Team Construction, Donnie enjoys spending time on the lake driving his five grand sons around on the pontoon.

Rob Koons

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Started November 2003

Rhonda Dorris

  • Office Manager
  • Started in February 2008
  • Rhonda oversees all payroll, accounts payable, HR and insurance. When she’s not at the office, Rhonda loves spending time with her daughter Haley and granddaughter Maci.

Megan Mingus

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Started in April 2016
  • Megan assists Team Construction’s CFO, Rob Koons, by preparing invoices and billing on numerous projects. As a little girl, she never anticipated working in the construction industry, but now she couldn’t imagine working for any other company.

Safety & OQ

Matt Mingus

  • Safety Director & Equipment Manager
  • Tennessee 811 Board Member
  • President of NUCA Middle Tennessee
  • Started in June 2003
  • Matt oversees and directs all safety protocols and programs, and manages the equipment maintenance. Though Matt officially joined the company in 2006, he’s been around since its opening in 2003. To him, it’s been a dream come true: as a child, there was nothing Matt wanted more than to work for his dad.

Dave Doggette

  • Safety Manager
  • KGA Executive Board Member
  • Started in January 2008 and again in July 2015
  • Dave oversees the Safety Programs and policies predominately for crews working in KY, to include damage prevention, risk management, and the Race to Safety. As a US Army Veteran of over a decade and a multi deployment combat veteran, Dave brings lots of operational experience in dangerous situations. He looks to those experiences in combat to help his Team Mates be safe and successful. In his off-time Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs, makes time to hunt, and is extremely active in his church.

Steve Shelby

  • Compliance & OQ Manager
  • Started in June 2003
  • Steve supervises all training and certifications. With each new employee, Steve meticulously trains them on the tools that would be used in the field.  This helps both the new employee, that may not have experience in working with gas, and our company quickly get on the same page about expectations and precautions. Outside of teaching others how to fuse pipe, Steve enjoys fishing.

Jackson Cook

  • 811/One-Call & Permits Specialist
  • Started May 2017
  • For both Tennessee and Kentucky, Jackson obtains all necessary permits and 811 locates required for safe and proper digging. He is currently attending school full-time at Volunteer State Community College; upon earning his associate’s degree, Jackson plans to enroll in business school to acquire a degree in finance.

Hunter Schmittou

  • Safety Assistant
  • Started in 2018.

Project Superintendents

Steve Flewallen

  • Main Superintendent: Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Service Superintendent: Atmos Energy
  • Started November 2010
  • Steve oversees all our main crews in Middle Tennessee for Piedmont Natural Gas and all our service crews for ATMOS Energy. Since the young age of nineteen, Steve has worked in the gas industry and he was initially hired on at Team Construction as an equipment operator. Steve enjoys working hand in hand with some of the most experienced crews in the Natural Gas industry and being a part of a Team who strive to be the best at what they do.

Mason Mingus

  • Kentucky Superintendent: ATMOS Energy
  • Started in June 2003
  • Mason is the Project Supervisor for all ATMOS crews in Kentucky and various independent projects. Though Mason officially joined the company in 2015, he’s been around since its opening in 2003. His favorite childhood memories are the summers he spent riding around in a dump truck with John Woodley.

Randy Mingus

  • Service Superintendent: Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Started in July 2016
  • Randy oversees all service crews in the greater Nashville area. Before joining Team, Randy worked for the Louisville Water Company after twenty-five years of service; altogether, he’s accumulated more than thirty-five years of work in the construction field. Outside of Team Construction, Randy loves spending time with his six grandchildren.

Byron Stallman

  • Assistant Supervisor
  • Started in July 2012
  • Byron assists Kentucky’s superintendent, Mason Mingus, by overseeing operations on PRP projects and GPS mapping in southern Kentucky.  Byron loves to spend his weekends on the lake with his wife and daughter.

Thomas McFarland

  • Assistant Supervisor
  • Started in September 2012
  • Thomas assists Kentucky’s superintendent, Mason Mingus, by overseeing operations on PRP projects and GPS mapping in northern Kentucky.  In his free time, Thomas enjoys cruising down backroads on his Harley.

Drafting & Engineering

Daniel Foreman

  • Senior CAD Engineer & As-Built Surveyor
  • Started in April 2014
  • Daniel oversees the standards and production for creating gas main and gas service utilities as-builts: computer generated drawings for Piedmont Natural Gas and Atmos Energy. In his spare time, Daniel designs custom homes and restores classic corvettes.

Shop & Material Specialists

John Woodley

  • Shop Manager
  • Started in June 2003
  • Not only has he been with Donnie Mingus since the beginning of Team Construction, but John has worked with Donnie for over twenty-two years. Now John primarily runs equipment and material out to our crews—he’s the dependable go-to-guy at Team.  When John isn’t at the shop, he enjoys spending time with his dogs or traveling to Germany.

Bruce Mingus

  • Equipment Manager
  • Started May 2018

K9 Protection


  • June 2005 – June 2018
  • Georgette spent thirteen years with Team Construction; since we first moved to our current location. Donnie Mingus’s daughter, Mallory, found Georgette when they first opened the doors. A starved lost puppy, Georgette had nowhere to call home. Mallory insisted we take her in, and that we did. Georgette lived happily for the next thirteen years. She will always be remembered here at Team Construction.


  • Started in July 2016
  • Hunter and Mack are actually litter mates! But unlike Mack, Hunter isn’t as focused. Hunter loves playing toys and sitting in your lap, even though he’s 90 lbs!! He’s also a great listener and loves to work on his tricks, especially when he can smell a treat!


  • Started in July 2016
  • Mack is our main watch dog. You can usually find him perched up in the front yard watching cars drive by, or keeping an eye on the Boxer across the street. Mack is all about business, and rarely wants lots of love.  He takes his job and play time very seriously!


  • Started in May 2017
  • Baxter is one of the most energetic dogs we’ve ever met! He spends his days guarding the yard and shop, but mostly barking at the Boxer across the street. Baxter is so sweet and will do anything to get a belly rub!